Studying, like climbing, takes preparation and a plan. As we meet at the base of the mountain, let me help you prepare to make that climb successfully.

Base Camp – Preparing for the Climb

You are a first or second year post-secondary student and/or a mature student who might be feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Let’s address your challenges and get you on track. 

A couple of weeks of Academic Strategizing and Support

Let me help you make a plan to get climbing.

The Trek – Making the Climb

The term has started, and you are part way up the mountain. You’re starting to panic and feel overwhelmed and anxious. Let me help you strategize to get academically on track.

4 Weeks of Academic Strategizing and Support

Let’s take your academic study to the next level.

Summit – Reaching the Top

You are a student who wants to develop the skill and will to climb the mountain, who desires support and guidance on the whole climb. We will work together for the duration of the academic term to help you fully develop your learning skills, form positive habits that will enhance your grades, and achieve goals that will set the foundation for whatever comes next.

Coaching, support, and guidance for the academic term.

Request a Session

Not looking for a month or a term of academic support? Book a session (or two) with Glorie as you need it.

Support as-needed


30 or 60 minutes

Support sessions

Let’s Connect

Book a free 20 minute consultation today to discuss how we can best work together to help you succeed.