Getting Your Head Back in the Academic Game

Academic study is like playing sports in some respects. There are goals in both. Focus matters. Discipline is critical. Momentum can overturn what seems like a certain outcome.

Despite how one has played, one can only achieve success if one truly commits to playing with heart and soul from the present moment. Regardless of past failure, you can still win – if you get your head in the game.

Denial is not your friend.

You’ve sat through the Thanksgiving family dinners when loved ones asked how your university classes were going. You answered in vague generalities, and the subject was changed. You are worried about midterms. Your sleep cycle is messed up. You’re behind on your work. You’re bewildered at how fast the term is going and maybe a little ashamed that your studies are not going so well.

Athletes have long understood the importance of coaching and seek out good coaches

Academic coaches are equipped to help students do their best learning. In fact, academic coaching is now crucial in many students’ success as university and college classes are online, which poses new challenges to students.

Getting your head in the game might mean getting an academic coach–and the sooner, the better.

There is no shame in seeking support. In fact, at this point in the term, it is crucial. Everyday you put off reaching out is a day you have lost in terms of getting back on track.

Online learning is challenging.

If you are working from your parental home, this may be comfortable, but it is not necessarily productive. Distractions abound, and if your work area is three feet from your bed, it is easier to succumb to real or imagined fatigue than to open that textbook and keep reading.

As someone who both teaches online and coaches, I see students struggling to structure their days.

Some of my students stay up until 3 or 4 a.m. and sleep until mid-afternoon. They admit they are not meeting their deadlines. Some are not attending the online classes where they could engage with their instructor and peers in real time. With fewer measures of accountability, many students are struggling, and without some support will likely not finish the term well.

If you need help and support with your academic studies, reach out.

Academic coaching can give you that extra boost to help you realize your goals.

Email me at or call my cell 306-292-9929. Let’s make this a term you can be proud of, a term where you faced adversity and turned the game around.

If I can help in any way, please get in touch.

Reach out and seek the help you or a loved one needs to learn and grow this academic term.