Summit Academic Strategizing

Supporting and empowering students – whether neurotypical or neurodivergent – to learn, grow, and succeed in your academic pursuits and beyond.

Guidance, support, and strategy for your academic journey.

Let's make a plan for you to start your academic climb.

You are just beginning university or perhaps a mature student returning to classes. Maybe you have just been diagnosed with ADHD. Regardless, you feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and anxious. Let’s get you on track with some immediate strategies. You may only need a couple of sessions to feel more in control of your academic life.

Let's keep you climbing on your academic journey.

After being excited at the beginning of the term, you have stalled and lack momentum. You are seemingly paralyzed by the upcoming deadlines and feel overwhelmed. I can help you establish foundational study habits, meet your deadlines, and maximize your learning. Let’s meet for a month. That might mean an hour a week or 2 – 30 minute sessions a week. Let’s get you climbing toward academic success.

Let's help you achieve the summit - realize that academic goal.

You would benefit from academic strategizing and support for the complete term. This represents 10 hours of academic strategizing over a term: Sept – Dec, Jan – April, and/or May – Aug. This package is recommended for neurodivergent students who want to maximize their strengths and minimize the effects of their challenges.

What students gain…


Academic Strategist/Trusted Guide/Ultimate Encourager

Work with someone who is personally invested in your learning, growth, and academic success.

Self Awareness of Strengths

Become acutely aware of your strengths – Knowing your strengths is critical for your success.


Develop structure in your daily life to do your best learning and succeed academically.



Develop motivation to tackle the tasks you tend to avoid.



Become accountable to yourself and develop the habit of rewarding yourself for tasks you’ve accomplished.

Time Management

Learn to manage your time to ensure your best learning and success.


Study Skills

Improve study skills to achieve better marks. 


Goal Setting

Learn to break tasks into small, doable goals that allow you to complete the task.



Develop resilience to handle adversity at university and beyond.

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